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Bolivia Education Foundation
The Bolivia Education Foundation lets poor teenage boys and girls graduate in good health with a high school diploma “Diploma de Bachillerato”.
Casa de Educación
In our Casa de Educación, students receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch, and find a peaceful and quiet study environment. The students will attend a local high school.
07:00   arrive for a good breakfast
08:00   attend the local high school
13:00   hot lunch
14:00   study time
17:00   return home
In the Cochabamba area, there are more than 30,000 poor youth between 15–19 (1). Often poor families live in a 1 room adobe shack with 2 shared beds, no table, no chairs, no sanitation. They sit on the edge of the bed. This is not a feasable environment for homework. In addition they do not have the funds for school uniforms, school supplies and books.
Systemic poverty
At 14 when mandatory schooling ends these young people enter the irregular unskilled labour force and are forever stuck in the clutches of systemic poverty with its boredom, temptation of alcohol and drug abuse and violence.
Educational lacuna
Opportunity is lacking for a secondary education for the thousands of poor teenage girls and boys in the Cochabamba area.
Impact of Schooling
Education is the most effective means to end poverty.
A High School diploma empowers poor boys and girls to find steady employment and escape poverty.
Nutrition and health
Good nutrition leads to better health with less doctors visits, better results in school and an energetic quality of life.
Foundation oversight
A Board of Directors supported by a local Board of Advisors oversees the Foundation.
A program is needed that takes poor teenagers through high school
to help them escape poverty.
(1)  CIA world factbook 2018; Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean 2019