Casa de Educación
The sons and daughters of poor families do not have the means to attend high school and escape their systemic poverty. The purpose of the Bolivia Education Foundation is to set up Casas de Educación to make it possible for these boys and girls to succesfully attend high school, find a job and leave poverty behind. A Casa de Educación consists of a kitchen and a dining/study room hosted by an existing school complex.
The Casa de Educación program provides,
  • School + sports uniforms
  • School supplies + study books
  • A kitchen to serve 2 nutritional meals, breakfast + lunch
  • A dining room
  • A supervised study space
To enter the program in grade 9, students must be recommended in writing by their grade 8 teacher.
Parents and Students must sign an agreement that they understand this special opportunity and the obligation to themselves and to the sponsors to study well in the program.
Unidad Educativa Simón Bolívar
The new addition to the school complex where
a Casa de Educación will be hosted
Unidad Educativa Benedicto Durán
The recently renovated part where a Casa de Educación will be hosted